Friday, August 01, 2014

Retrieve BPM composite version from ADF

It is a common scenario that you use the same ADF app for different versions of the BPM flow. In those cases you would like to control the visibility of the new features of the ADF app that supports the BPM flow changes ..

Here is the way to read this info from ADF

Add below to you page definitions..

 <accessorIterator id="scaIterator" MasterBinding="taskIterator"  
             Binds="sca" RangeSize="25"  
 <attributeValues IterBinding="scaIterator" id="compositeVersion">  
       <Item Value="compositeVersion"/>  


And then control your features as below, assuming the new button is visible at 1.10

rendered="#{bindings.compositeVersion.inputValue  >= 1.10 }”


Marc Arbour said...


Thanks for the post.

Could you tell me how to set the value for the version at 1.10 as per your example below?


Muhammed Soyer said...

I am sorry but I couldn't follow what you mean ? Are you trying to increase the revision of your composite ?