Friday, February 23, 2007

.Net Seminar About Orcas

Yesterday I have attended to a .Net seminar at Naples. It was about the newcoming Visual Studio code named Orcas.
What I learnt from the seminar is
  • They will make the new IDE multi targetted. This means you will be able to compile your project against diffrent .Net versions.
  • IDE will support nested masterpages at design time
  • There will be more components for AJAX as expected
  • IntelliSense will be supported for JavaScript also
  • JavaScript debugging will be added.
  • C# will support a Query language against collections.
  • Class extensions will be possible for sealed classes.
  • LINQ= Query language for every source of data.
    -No more strings for writing queries.Compiler will be aware of the query sytax, this will avoid mistyping ,sytax errors etc.
  • ORM-Object Relational Mapping ; There will be OR designer in the IDE for mapping your relational data to your Object domain.