Monday, March 01, 2010

Microsoft Code Camp

Last Saturday I attended a Microsoft developer's code camp event in Fort Lauderdale. You might be wondering why I am attending a MS event while working with ADF and Java. First of all these events are really great opportunities to see what is going on in the Microsoft world. Secondly I usually try to attend more generic sessions so that I can benefit more. I really enjoyed it again .. Those were the keywords from the event
  • Azure - MS's cloud computing platform
  • Silverlight -MS technology that corresponds to flash/ JavaFX
  • SQL
  • Sharepoint
  • WCF
 I wonder why Oracle or Sun doesn't organize events like this .. Is that that tough ? Microsoft is putting a great effort to build and support their developer's community. I expect something similar from Oracle as an Oracle Developer. 


MTN said...

Regarding your Jan 26, 2010 post on Oracle forum...
I am trying to create a web page that allows an user to enter any adhoc query and the corresponding result set is displayed to a dynamic table.
I followed your codes but had a hard time duplicating it.
I would appreciate very much if you could share your code.
Thanks in advance,

Muhammed Soyer said...

I will do that. Give me some time ..

MTN said...

Thanks, Muhammed.